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NEW! Individual Dental Plan Launch – Ameritas

I’m please to tell you of a NEW and IMPROVED Individual Ameritas Dental product now on sale at,, called PRIMESTAR! I myself have just switched from the old Ameritas to this new product for Jan and me.

It offers these improvements over the previous plan:

  • $50 Deductible waived for Preventive.
  • Implants covered.
  • Same great Ameritas DPPO Network.
  • Sealants and Flouride treatments in 100%. [Missed out on that one; mine have flown the coup!]

There are trade-offs:

  • Panoramic x-rays in Majors.
  • Lower benefit percentages for non-par dentists.
  • Annual increasing benefits, however…

The annual increasing benefits use ‘calendar year.’ So, since our coverage will be effective 11/1/2018, then our first year of lower benefit will only last for November and December. We’ll have full benefits in January 2019!

If you have a current individual dental plan or know someone who needs one, I’d definitely have them check this link above!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!!

Shalom y’all!

M. O. Belue, CLU

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Let’s talk about suicide.

This is not the cheeriest of subjects, but it needs to be discussed. There has been a rash of suicide reports recently in the media regarding Karl Rove, Anthony Bourdaine and Kate Spade. so from Hollywood to Main Street, the problem is leaving no one excluded.

Our family has been very closely touched by this, and as a social epidemic, it does not seem to be abating. This is a difficult subject that affects us all, and the bottom line is, there are signs that are being sent to someone. It’s important to know those signs and how to react.

Attached some documents you may look at supplied through a contact at Carolinas Healthcare.


Business Case for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

MHFA Summary

Attached are other recent pieces reporting on the matter.

My goal is not to inundate you with all this, but to bring this matter into your thinking that perhaps you may view at least some of this material just in case you or someone you know could benefit from it.

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evicore: A Company behind your Healthcare Company

Have you attempted to make an unusual purchase using your credit card, only to be denied by the card company? Perhaps you were traveling to a new place, and you did not know to notify your credit card company ahead of time of your itinerary, and they blocked your purchases on the grounds of fraud prevention, thinking someone might have stolen your identity. How would they know, amid all their 1,000s of customers and many more 1,000s of purchases, what is outside your normal purchasing tendencies? Did you know you have a purchasing profile, based on those tendencies? We all have that profile and the company behind your card company might be FICO, using their Falcon Fraud Manager service. Credit card companies use your purchasing norms and employ sophisticated algorithms to establish your own purchasing profile. Step outside of it, and, your credit card is “blocked.” They are a company behind a company you use everyday.

Did you know your health insurance carrier uses other companies behind and with your insurance company? There are more than one, but I want to speak about one I recently learned about: eviCore. Learn about this to understand how they are working with your carrier to help supply you with timely and cost-saving options for your health care.

Yesterday, I was at an annual employer benefits enrollment meeting for all employees in the Hickory, NC area. An employee I’ve known for years told me of an account that recently happened to her. She’d put off having a CT scan for some time, and she finally relented, although she understood the full amount would be applied to her deductible. Her primary care provider [PCP] booked her appointment, knowing it would cost her a minimum of $4,100 to be applied to her deductible, and she thought that was that. Shortly afterwards, she received a call from her carrier. We discovered, it was eviCore working alongside in conjunction with her insurance carrier.

The eviCore representative identified herself and told this employee there were other imaging options available for her that she might want to consider, if she did not mind leaving the Hickory area for the service. This CT scan, like just about all other things in the medical community, has a procedure code, called a CPT code.  There are thousands of these codes that standardize many if not all medical procedures. This made apples-to-apples comparisons between one imaging provider to another plausible. The rep gave this employee the contact information of the other facilities, along with some basic instructions, and off she went!

To her pleasant shock [and my shock and the collective shock of the insurance experts that were there at the meeting with me] she was quoted alternative rates ranging from $490 to $2,100 for the same procedure. These facilities were in Gastonia at Novant and in Belmont at CaroMont. For that cost difference, she did drive to Gastonia, opting for the $490 rate at Novant, about a 45 minute drive down the highway. And, a consumer-driven health care evangelist was born!

I’ve learned that eviCore is primarily used in this fashion for making outbound, intervention-type calls for high-tech radiation imaging like CT, MRI, and PET scans, and high-cost pain management, only. But insurance carriers have many other resources about many other cost-savings treatment options through on-line portals, apps, and just by calling customer or member services, and speaking with them about how you might take more control of your own healthcare. This is consumerism, which is the use of relevant and timely information freeing us to make our own purchasing decisions in a free market, is our best option for bringing down the cost of healthcare. Go and discover your companies behind your company, and become your own healthcare evangelist!

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Obamacare NOW!

Jan and I received notice from BCBSNC warning us to prepare for perhaps a double-digit increase in our own health insurance for January 1, 2018, because our Grandfathered health insurance plan would end. We are to be dumped into the Affordable Healthcare cauldron of what is ubiquitously referred to as, Obamacare. Looking at our old / current plan we’ve been happy to have and would prefer to keep – as was originally promised, many of you would hardly call it health insurance at all. It is a Qualified High-deductible Health Plan, designed by the government, with a $10,000 family deductible. Wellness is covered, but nothing else, until that deductible has been satisfied for the plan year. At the end of the plan year, it resets. For Jan and I, the effective monthly premium is about $500 per month. We also have the Blue Options network, which is broad. We took BC at their word and thought our monthly premium may go to $1,000 or perhaps a little more.

We now have our actual quote for 2018. Our premium: $2,100 per month for Jan and myself, our deductible liability will be over $13,000, and our network has shrunk. To be fair, they did add additional benefits, like pediatric dental and vision, plus Jan and I are now covered for maternity. This is Obamacare Now! This is why I traveled to Washington, DC several times carrying your letters to NC Sen. Burr and NC Rep. Hudson and others to lobby against this awful bill. This is the lowest cost for us, and there is no other carrier to choose from in NC. Group insurance is not an option for us. Christian sharing ministries are not insurance. Who is there to appeal to, when nameless, faceless bureaucrats hold sway over our very lives, dictating these high premium costs, which is really a tax!

Jan wrote the NCDOI, President Trump, both of our NC Senators, and Rep. Hudson. There is little else we can do. I urge you to do the same. Our economy will crack under the weight of this bill. The cost will only increase from here, until we clamor for full-blown National healthcare – that is, unless you are a government elite. They are exempt!

Thank you.