When America is Judged.. [Orig. posted 2012 following election of Barack Obama]

God’s will is done. The people have voted with a political party who expelled God from their platform to elect a more pop-culture president who panders to abortion and government-paid contraception, sodomy-marriage, marijuana legalization, other sins and vices, in favor of a life of slavery, debt, and dependency. More poverty and slouching towards Gomorrah will likely follow. For those who see a further decline of the America they love, perhaps a more Biblical perspective will be beneficial.

Barrack Obama was correct in a sense when he said, “America is no longer a Christian nation.” Like Israel of the past and other great and affluent nations, we have rejected the ways of the God of the Bible, which this nation was founded upon. The majority of Americans is looking back long for the leaks of Egypt and slavery wanting government free stuff; not forward to a life of freedom and self-sufficiency. But, in a very real sense, Obama is tragically mistaken about this no longer being a Christian nation or at least escaping God’s notice. All of these aberrant choices by its people are taking place in plain view of the holy God who abhors sin, whether we acknowledge Him or not. Sin must be either paid for or atoned for, in accordance with His Word. There is a cost, when the butcher’s bill is due, and God’s anger gives way to His wrath.

Unlike Allah, who needs his minions of henchmen to do his bidding, Yeshua can contend for Himself. God judges sinful and disobedient nations, who have rejected Him and their God-given birthright. The Democratic Party, literally, in its Charlotte, NC convention, in the buckle of the Bible belt, voted out or rejected God. When America is to be judged by God for our many sins as a nation, remember that it will be for the ultimate salvation of those who would see God in the judgment and believe in Him. God’s purpose of judgment and discipline is always for salvation and correction. God is of no political party. He is holy and sovereign and He longs to be one with His fallen creation.

The Democratic victory of 2012 was largely due to the urban voter or city dwellers living in high-population centers. City folks are different than sub-urban and rural folk. City-dwellers are more about the collective and the so-called common good rather than the more self-reliant individual. There is more dependency and awareness of government services in and around the city. The tall skyscrapers of New York City attracted and inspired the late atheist, Ayn Rand, in her escape from communism and her pursuit of her own philosophy of personal self-interest and her ideal man. The tall buildings of the city are reminiscent of the Tower of Babel, symbolizing the pride of man and his desire for man to be the god of his own universe.

Recall, it was not God’s idea that Israel would even be ruled by kings like other pagan nations. God, through the prophet Samuel, tried to reason with Israel against rejecting God, and wanting to be exploited by an earthly government led by a king. Recall Abraham’s offer his nephew Lot the first choice of the land. Lot chose to pitch his tent towards Sodom. It offered plenty of what he perceived he needed to live, ignoring its wickedness. Cities are attractive to many for amenities such as the arts and culture – a by-product of Cain’s children – but they are often portrayed in the Scriptures as being anti-God and generally, evil.

Since there is a greater concentration of people in the city, there is a greater concentration of sin there, as well. We even associate certain sins with certain cities, like sodomy and San Francisco, gambling with Las Vegas, and revelry with New Orleans. College campuses are like little cities or concentrations of people and they abound with liberalism and sin. Cain’s progeny of the Bible were responsible for the first city mentioned in the Bible so named after its builder – Cain’s son – Enoch. Nothing good is written of Cain or his descendants in the Bible, other than God’s mercy towards him, after His judgment for killing his brother, Abel. After this election, we might feel resentment to “those city people.” But, God loves cities, because God seeks to save the lost people in those cities. God Himself visited Sodom and Gomorrah seeking the righteous before He judged the cities. God sent Jonah to Nineveh not to judge the wicked of the Assyrians city but to call them to repentance and forgiveness. Yeshua was sent to Jerusalem. Paul was sent by God to Rome, Philippi, Ephesus, Corinth, Thessalonica, Athens, and other major metropolitan areas. Although Cain is responsible for the first earthly city, Christ builds the final, eternal city of the Bible.

When America is to be judged by God, followers of Yeshua must be obedient messengers, following the obedience of Yeshua sent to do the will of His Father, not the disobedient Jonah. Jonah hated the Assyrians because they were ruthless pagans whom he wanted judged, but God insisted Jonah carry a message of salvation. Yeshua’s obedience means loving the unlovable, as He loved us when we were and are unlovable.  Yeshua made a way of eternal mercy available through Him for those who deserved eternal judgment. Those who revel in their political victories allowing for debauchery are no different in their lostness than we were, before Yeshua sought us and saved us. Love your enemies. God’s judgment will surely come, but believers are to pray and act towards mercifully in order to help bring about the recreation of the lost in Christ. Pray that God will open the eyes of those troubled by His judgment that we might help point them to Messiah. Israel will be more isolated than before, hopefully to seek their God and find their Messiah they pierced, as Zechariah prophesied. Pray that the circumstances of geopolitical events will cause them to see their Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53. They are already forgiven for piercing their Messiah. It was for the sake of the Gentiles that they rejected their own Messiah. He longs for them to trust in Him and Him alone, and be reunited with their rejected Messiah, even as Joseph was reunited with his brothers. In the end, God will bring judgment to the nations of the world set opposed to Israel so the nations of the world might see God, believe in Him, and be saved.

So, what does all this look like? How are we to love those who might stand opposed to us, politically? Are we now mad at voters in northern cities who voted in a way that did not suit us? How will God initiate His judgment on the US? God used enemy nations like Assyria, Egypt, and Babylon with Israel. God also used severe weather conditions and pandemics. Can we see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy? Do we see their misery? Will we help? I can assure the NC Baptist Men of Mission will be there, long after the news media leaves, as well as Samaritan’s Purse. Does God care for those people enough to reveal His mercy and salvation in this misery? The Gospel message is being handed out with a hot meal or a hot shower and a kind word and the tender smile beaming Yeshua’s love. Will you give to be a part of that effort? Will you cheerfully give, over and above your normal giving, to be a part of what God is doing amidst this hopelessness and devastation? Let God search your heart, and hear Him, and be obedient to His calling. God’s will be done.

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