Jan & I met at Pilot Life Insurance Company and fell in love. She understands our client's frustrations with insurance, which is why she is so good at it. We are complete, diametric, opposites. I'm more visionary and she's more detailed - like a kite with a tail -  which together makes a smooth flight for you! We have made a great team over the years, with our strengths and weaknesses complementing each over. This 2020 year, we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and 23rd year of Belue & Associates, LLC.

From the beginning I asked the question, "why would anybody want to buy from me?" I set out from the start to determine that I would always tell clients the truth. A popular saying in business is, "the customer is always right." This might sound good, but the Bible says, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?" [Jer. 17:9]

We never asked the question if the customer is right or wrong. They simply come to us for help, and we seek to help them. Our model is Jesus Christ himself, who gave himself for his church. This is the highest possible standard there is, which is why we adopt it.

From the beginning, circa 1997 in May, we began to tithe 10% from gross towards church or church related or Christian related organizations. By grace, He has allowed us to do this until now. God be praised! We have never and will never ask a penny of our clients towards this end.



If you are interested in names, Belue is a French name, from my Father's side, from Upstate South Carolina. We descended from the French Huguenots. 

My Father fought in the Battle of the Bulge with the 75th Infantry, under Montgomery in Belgium, where he was wounded, and met my Mother in Metz, FR, after the war. 

I recently went to France to meet my French family, and made a video of it. It features new and old photos and video.