NEW! Individual Dental Plan Launch – Ameritas

I’m please to tell you of a NEW and IMPROVED Individual Ameritas Dental product now on sale at,, called PRIMESTAR! I myself have just switched from the old Ameritas to this new product for Jan and me.

It offers these improvements over the previous plan:

  • $50 Deductible waived for Preventive.
  • Implants covered.
  • Same great Ameritas DPPO Network.
  • Sealants and Flouride treatments in 100%. [Missed out on that one; mine have flown the coup!]

There are trade-offs:

  • Panoramic x-rays in Majors.
  • Lower benefit percentages for non-par dentists.
  • Annual increasing benefits, however…

The annual increasing benefits use ‘calendar year.’ So, since our coverage will be effective 11/1/2018, then our first year of lower benefit will only last for November and December. We’ll have full benefits in January 2019!

If you have a current individual dental plan or know someone who needs one, I’d definitely have them check this link above!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!!

Shalom y’all!

M. O. Belue, CLU

Belue & Associates, LLC.