Let’s talk about suicide.

This is not the cheeriest of subjects, but it needs to be discussed. There has been a rash of suicide reports recently in the media regarding Karl Rove, Anthony Bourdaine and Kate Spade. so from Hollywood to Main Street, the problem is leaving no one excluded.

Our family has been very closely touched by this, and as a social epidemic, it does not seem to be abating. This is a difficult subject that affects us all, and the bottom line is, there are signs that are being sent to someone. It’s important to know those signs and how to react.

Attached some documents you may look at supplied through a contact at Carolinas Healthcare.


Business Case for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

MHFA Summary

Attached are other recent pieces reporting on the matter.




My goal is not to inundate you with all this, but to bring this matter into your thinking that perhaps you may view at least some of this material just in case you or someone you know could benefit from it.

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