Obamacare NOW!

Jan and I received notice from BCBSNC warning us to prepare for perhaps a double-digit increase in our own health insurance for January 1, 2018, because our Grandfathered health insurance plan would end. We are to be dumped into the Affordable Healthcare cauldron of what is ubiquitously referred to as, Obamacare. Looking at our old / current plan we’ve been happy to have and would prefer to keep – as was originally promised, many of you would hardly call it health insurance at all. It is a Qualified High-deductible Health Plan, designed by the government, with a $10,000 family deductible. Wellness is covered, but nothing else, until that deductible has been satisfied for the plan year. At the end of the plan year, it resets. For Jan and I, the effective monthly premium is about $500 per month. We also have the Blue Options network, which is broad. We took BC at their word and thought our monthly premium may go to $1,000 or perhaps a little more.

We now have our actual quote for 2018. Our premium: $2,100 per month for Jan and myself, our deductible liability will be over $13,000, and our network has shrunk. To be fair, they did add additional benefits, like pediatric dental and vision, plus Jan and I are now covered for maternity. This is Obamacare Now! This is why I traveled to Washington, DC several times carrying your letters to NC Sen. Burr and NC Rep. Hudson and others to lobby against this awful bill. This is the lowest cost for us, and there is no other carrier to choose from in NC. Group insurance is not an option for us. Christian sharing ministries are not insurance. Who is there to appeal to, when nameless, faceless bureaucrats hold sway over our very lives, dictating these high premium costs, which is really a tax!

Jan wrote the NCDOI, President Trump, both of our NC Senators, and Rep. Hudson. There is little else we can do. I urge you to do the same. Our economy will crack under the weight of this bill. The cost will only increase from here, until we clamor for full-blown National healthcare – that is, unless you are a government elite. They are exempt!






Thank you.

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